Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl has a selection of videos by Charlotte Raby who has been a teacher for over 16 years. She is now a teacher trainer and works with schools to help them improve the teaching of all aspects of English, including grammar.

In her films, Charlotte talks you through the basics of grammar so that you can feel confident helping your child with their homework, and suggests ideas for activities and games you can play with your child to support their learning. Charlotte also gives you all the information you need about the English grammar, punctuation and spelling test for children in Year 6. A grammar, punctuation and spelling test for children in Year 2 is in development for Summer 2016 so watch this space for further information as this develops. You can watch each film all the way through or, once the film has started, you can click on the links to the left of the film to skip to the part that is most relevant to you.

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