BBC words and pictures

A mixture of very good interactive games and worksheets covering most phonic phases. Recommend Sandcastle quiz for phase 3 and 5.


ICT games

A great selection of games that link well with games in Letters and Sounds.


BBC Bitesize

A very good selection of interactive games focussing on phonics and sentence construction. Each is split into medium/hard/really hard and are short and fun.


Mr. Thorne does Phonics

Not sure how to pronounce some of the letter sounds? Mr. Thorne has a series of videos you and your child can watch to hear the sounds used

Phonics Play

There are a variety of games that you can use to target particular letter sounds or revise whole phases. Don’t worry if you see words that aren’t real words, reading alien words will form part of the Year 1 phonics test, so it’s great for them to get in some practise!

Oxford Owl

Access to over 50 free phonics ebooks.